deuterium lamp light source / UV / visible / NIR



  • Illumination technology:

    deuterium lamp

  • Spectrum:

    UV, visible, NIR

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, compact

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 200 nm

    Max.: 1,100 nm

  • Output power:

    6 W (0.00816 hp)


FiberLight is a very compact deuterium-halogen light source for use with fiberoptic coupled spectrometer systems. Owing to the small dimensions and the low power consumption, this light source is also useful for portable, battery-operated spectrometers.

Both the deuterium and the halogen light source are placed inside the small housing. The lamps can be switched separately. Furthermore, a TTL shutter allows for dark signal compensation. FiberLight is coupled to optical fibers via SMA connector. The lamp is an OEM-module and will, therefore, be delivered without housing!

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