universal indicator controller / digital / panel-mount / 20-channel
EB 3000



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Alarm monitoring and regulating of 20 channels
● Several calculation functions
● Diverse control modes
The EB 3000 is used for regulating or alarm monitoring of up to 20
The EB 3000 is an universal regulating, displaying and monitoring
device for EASYBus sensor modules.
Any EASYBus measuring channel can be allocated to the 20
channels which the EB 3000 provides. Additionally there are 2
virtual channels. This allows performing several calculation
functions and displaying the result. Possible functions are for
example sensor difference, averaging of x sensors or set-point
control. The EB 3000 has 4 switching outputs and 1 alarm output.
The 22 channels can be freely allocated to the 4 switching outputs.
Therefore several control modes (2-point control, 3-point control,
stepping switch, etc.) can be realized.
The EB 3000 has a self-diagnostic function checking error-free
operation, sensor break, etc. and outputs a corresponding error
message as the case may be. For advanced configuration and
start-up of the EB 3000 the gratis software EASYBus-Configurator
is needed.