universal indicator controller / digital / recessed
GIR 230



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Choose between 5 input types
●2 relay outputs and 1 NPN switching output
●Self-monitoring and diagnostic system
The GIR 230 … is a microprocessor-controlled displaying, monitoring and controlling device for universal use.
The device is available with several input types (each device has one of them): standard signals (0..20 mA, 4..20 mA, 0..10 mA), resistance thermometer (Pt100 and Pt1000), thermocouples (type J, K, N, S and T) and NTC. The GIR 230 … provides switching outputs. The output functions can be configured as 2-point controller, min/max alarm, 3-point controller, 2-point controller with min/max alarm, etc. The relay state is indicated by 2 additional LEDs below the 7-segment display.
The GIR 230 … identifies impermissible operating states like display or system errors and displays a corresponding error code.