LED light source / colored / calibrated
GL Opti Light 127



  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 750 nm

    Min.: 385 nm


The uniform luminance reference light source uses the JUST LED Technology to deliver high stability and a flexible solution for luminance calibration or verification. It is possible to not only exceed conventional LED sources in light quality, but is now possible to replicate a tremendous color space with the highest quality for the first time.

This Opti Light LED can be used as a reference luminance standard in the display and monitor calibration systems as well as a calibration reference for cameras and other optical instruments.
Unparalleled Performance

This luminance reference standard uses the tried-and-tested, patented JUST LED Technology to provide high stability over a longer time, making it a flexible solution which can be easily integrated into production testers or laboratory setups for luminance calibration purposes. The system combines a set of LEDs with an integrating sphere with specially designed exit optics aperture for high uniformity and near perfect Lambertian diffusion. It features an analog control electronics system and thermal stabilization in order to achieve no-flicker and remarkable color and light output stability.

A more advanced version of the programmable LED light is GL OPTI LIGHT LED 127 CLC, which apart from the above listed features is enriched with Closed Loop Calibration, which guarantees extended stability of light emission