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water filter cartridge / air / fine / for general purpose



  • Media:

    water, air

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  • Applications:

    for general purpose

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GORE® Turbine Filters optimize power output by eliminating performance reducing deposits in your compressor section. Their outstanding E12 filtration efficiency keeps out at least 99.5% of contaminants at the most penetrating particle sizes (~0.1 μm). This stops power losses while reducing your fuel consumption and associated CO2 and NOx emissions. Machine availability and reliability are also significantly increased because there is no need to stop the turbine for off-line compressor washing.

Less Wear

GORE® Turbine Filters significantly reduce your maintenance costs while increasing compressor and turbine lifetimes. Unlike current air intake filters, they capture at least 99.5% of atmospheric particles, and have a unique patented filter media that is waterproof and provides reliable protection from corrosive salts. This reduces unexpected failures and major outages by preventing both fine and corrosive particulates from reaching the engine. GORE® Turbine Filters also directly replace your existing filters with no modifications required to filter housing.