digital multimeter / portable / 1000 V / 600 V



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Max voltage:

    1000 V, 600 V

  • Max current:

    1 A, 200 mA

  • Safety rating:

    cat III, cat IV

  • Additional features:

    with thermometer, with data logger, with insulation tester, with milliohmmeter

  • Other characteristics:

    true RMS, AC/DC, high-precision, high-voltage, USB, Bluetooth

  • Applications:

    industrial, service, for automotive applications, for electric vehicles, for hybrid vehicles


The METRAHit IM E-DRIVE BT is multimeter, milliohmmeter, insulation measuring instrument, coil tester and data logger in one. Applications include service and diagnostics for electric machines and systems, in particular in the automotive industry, in electric machinery manufacturing and in aviation technology.

An all-in-one instrument with 30,000 digits: milliohmmeter, multimeter, data logger, insulation resistance tester and coil tester.

Compact and multifunctional for use in the field: can be used advantageously in aircraft cockpits as well as in other constricted spaces, which would otherwise require the use of several individual instruments.

Product Highlights:

- Milliohm measurement using 4-wire connection (Kelvin measurement) with 200 mA or 1 A
- Insulation tester with test voltage from 10 to 1000 V
- Coil test with 1000 V test voltage

Please find further technical characteristics on our website.

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