multifunction calibrator / for temperature sensors / universal / portable



  • Measured physical value:


  • Applications:

    for temperature sensors, universal

  • Options:

    portable, digital, process


The new, compact multifunction process calibrator convinces by ruggedness, simple handling, highest functionality, precision and PC system ability.

The METRAHIT MULTICAL rationalizes measuring, calibrating and revision work in the chemical process, laboratory and development, in the production area of electronic measurand transducers and at comparison and calibration of metrological components.

- Universal calibrator, simulator and multimeter
mA / mV... V / °C (Pt100/1000, Ni100/1000,
thermocouples: J, L, T, U, K, E, S, R, B, N) / 30 ... 2000 Ω
- Dual mode ¡V simultaneous calibration and measurement (U / I)
- Measuring and encoding in absolute terms and as percentage (scaled)
- Memory for measurement results: 16 MBit
- Frequency and pulse run generators: 1 Hz to 2 kHz
- Ramp and staircase functions
- METRAwin µ90-2 interface and calibration software
- Transmitter simulator (sink: 0... 24 mA)
- DKD calibration certificate included
- Rugged, EMC compliant design
- Precision multimeter (V, A, Ω, F, Hz, °C / F)
30,000 (60,000) digits and triple display
- TRMS AC measurement to 1 kHz