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mobile telepresence robot
Jazz Companies

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mobile telepresence robot mobile telepresence robot - Jazz Companies


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Teleportation made real
Have you ever dreamt to be able to teleport yourself anywhere with a snap of your fingers? This is exactly what you can do now with Jazz.

The principle is simple: Jazz stands in a remote location and will serve as your personal avatar. It can move and perceive its surrounding with its embedded camera, speaker and microphone. Far away, in your office, you start your favorite web browser and connect to Jazz through a simple web interface. You can see what it sees, and move it around to interact with the people there.

This is called telepresence, as you can easily and remotely take part in a meeting, visit a place and see what is happening in your office or factory in a natural and interactive way. Jazz is perfect whenever you need to be present in a remote location you cannot go in person, or for teleworkers who need to be connected to their offices.

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