magnetic grate separator / static / metal / for the plastics industry
SECF-P series



  • Technology:

    magnetic grate, static

  • Separated substance:


  • Application domain:

    for the plastics industry

  • Other characteristics:

    easy cleaning

  • Width:

    Max.: 250 mm (9.843 in)

    Min.: 100 mm (3.937 in)

  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 30 m³/h (1,059.44 ft³/h)

    Min.: 2 m³/h (70.629 ft³/h)


For magnetic filtration of small quantities of metal contamination from dry, free-flowing powders and granulates in pipelines with a pressure of up to 1.5 bar. Manual cleaning (quick cleaning).


2 magnetic grids, one above the other
Manual quick cleaning
Capacity 2 - 30 m³/h
Pressure-tight to 1.5 bar
Atex II 1/2 D


This pressure-tight Cleanflow/drawer magnet is a variant of the manually cleaned Cleanflow series which has been made suitable for use in pipelines with a pressure of up to 1.5 bar. The filter is suitable for dry, free-flowing powders and granulated products, such as plastics, flour and sugar, in all industries.
However, it is not available in (food/pharma) EC1935/2004 / EHEDG version.

Cleanflow magnets have two magnetic grids, in cascade arrangement, as standard. All the standard types have extractor tubes for the bars, so the captured iron (Fe) does not have to be 'wiped off' manually.

Once the product flow is stopped, the entire magnet unit must be removed from the product chute. Then the magnetic bars can be pulled out of the extractor tubes (as a unit), causing the Fe particles to fall off of the extractor tubes.