gas compressor / stationary / electric / screw

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gas compressor / stationary / electric / screw gas compressor / stationary / electric / screw


  • Type:


  • Portability:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:


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  • Pressure:

    28 bar, 52 bar (406.11 psi)

  • Flow:

    Min.: 231 m³/h (8,157.69 ft³/h)

    Max.: 13,846 m³/h (488,966.88 ft³/h)


System solution planners benefit from an advanced portfolio of GEA screw compressors optimized for compressing natural and industrial gases.

GEA gas screw compressors are key system components in oil & gas extraction and processing operations, in power generation plants with gas turbines, in chemical processing and in numerous other industries.

The compressors are designed for long operating life and high availability and can be provided according to various guidelines, such as API 619 and other international standards.

Why screw compressors for gas compression?
Screw compressors operate by drawing gas into the spaces between the lobes of two rotors. As the rotors turn, the gas is forced by the rotor profile into continuously decreasing space until it reaches the discharge port of the compressor. The compressors do not generate out-of-balance forces; therefore, they require significantly low foundation strength.