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    for metal, for plastics

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Circular saws are available in different sizes based on the size and thickness of the material you wish to cut. These saws can cut the majority of materials: plastic, brass, acrylic, aluminium, etc.

Information about Gravograph circular saws to help you decide:
Thanks to the protection guard, you can cut any plastic and material in complete safety
Accurate cutting ensured by the movable stop with automatic return and rule
A clean cut thanks to the integrated swarf extractor and automatic lubrification system
Let yourself be captivated by the advantages of the Gravograph range of plastic and metals shears (CSP/CSM)...
Unlike saws for cutting all types of materials, shears are limited to cutting certain plastic and fine metals. Using shears brings about some advantages: acute precision and high quality cutting, speed and ability to cutting very small pieces.

Perfect manageability and acute cutting precision
Totally safety provided by a fixed gear case and guard
Stop for angle cuttingwith graduated protractor (0 to 90°)