lubricating gear / cylindrical / straight-toothed / for gear wheels



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    for gear wheels, lubricating


With the Lubricus lubrication gear an optimum supply of gearings will be ensured over very long periods of time. Supply of the lubricant is made variably by the Lubricus lubrication system. The lubricant is guided through the shaft and corresponding bores into the cellular material. Under low contact pressure the stored lubricant will following be dispensed. The used PU cellular plastic material (open cells) stores the lubricant and dispenses it in smallest dosing quantities. An over lubrication will be avoided in this way, as well as also possible wear by lack of lubrication.

The lubrication gears are available as well toothed straight as also inclined right/left (module 2-30). From a width of 20 mm the lubrication gear consists of several segments.

For the lubrication gears various mounting shafts are available. Depending on installation or supply of lubricants rectangular or straight shafts can be used.

Material: Polyurethane foam, open cell
Service temperature: -30°C bis +150°C
Speed at surface: max. 5m/s
Application: suitable for oil and grease
aint compatibility: tested and approved
Density: 240 kg/m3