AC welding machine / automatic / on casters
Porta Welder



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    on casters


The Porta Welder model, manufactured by Gullco International, is a self-contained portable welding machine. This type of welding machine is a convenient alternative for pipe as well as for small tank manufacturers. In addition, it is specifically applicable small facilities or as a supporting option for larger, dedicated welding systems. It has a telescoping boom that only leaves minimal footprint whenever the machine is not use. Wheels and forklift pockets are also equipped for enabling ease of movement.

This machine is capable of operating with a boom capacity of about 150lb with a length of 87 (2209.8m). Furthermore, it features a 4 x 4 feet base for power source mounting as well as ForkLift Pockets for moving. The power supply level at which this machine can operate is 115V.