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olive oil centrifugal extractor
20 t/d | OLIVE 400



  • Product applications:

    for olive oil


BOUTIQUE CONTINUOUS SYSTEM OLIVE OIL EXTRACTION PLANTS Continuous systems also known as uninterrupted or constantly working system; are presses in which olive inflows from one side and olive oil ready for consumption outflows from the other side. In this system, olives are in constant movement within processing machines in order. Olive 400 is designed for olive growers who wish to get their own olive oil.

Olive Oil Extraction Plant is consisted of olive transport elevator and hopper, olive washing machine, crusher elevator and hopper, crusher, malaxer, monopump, decanter, oil pump, vibration screen, horizontal pomace elevator, electric panel and consols.

Working Principle Of The Plant; Olives are stored in the hopper of olive elevator and transported to washing machine. First leaves of olives are removed by leaf remover. Then olives are washed without giving harms to its pulp in the olive washing unit. Olives are transported to crusher by crusher elevator. Olives are crushed and become semi paste in crusher. Semi paste olives are mixed to obtain oil in malaxers. Monopump pumps the paste to decanter. Olive paste is separated out into olive oil, black water and pomace in decanter by the help of centrifugal force. Small particles in the oil and black water are taken by the vibration Screen. Oil is pumped to stock tank by oil pump. Plant is controlled by electric control panel.