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olive oil decanter / centrifugal / horizontal
15 kW | MAX 33



  • Applications:

    for olive oil

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Decanter centrifuges are used in separation of the solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid suspensions. The machine is consist of a solid cylindrical bowl rotating at high speed, a scroll rotating in the same axis with a slightly different speed, gear box adjusting the speed difference and the body which carries all the rotating elements. Olive paste is fed along the centre line to a fixed distribution room within the bowl and then accelerated into the bowl by centrifugal force through the feeding point. This centrifugal force then causes the suspended solids(pomace) to settle and accumulate at the bowl wall. Pomace is discharged by scroll from the conical part meanwhile clarified oil and water or only oil flows back along the bowl and is discharged through the cylindrical end of the bowl by plates which can adjust the level of liquids.

* Speed difference between bowl and the rotating scroll l is defined as the “differential speed".

All the parts in contact with the olive is made of stainless-steel. Moreover, in order to establish maximum security all bowl parts are manufactured with centrifugal casting method. Thus, a weldless bowl part with homogenous micro structure and without micro crack faults is produced.