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Hamilton's Genomic STARlet is an intelligently designed system that delivers high precision and efficient services in the extraction, isolation as well as purification of nucleic acid for use in a range of high-profile applications that require top-grade nucleic acid.

The Genomic STARlet has been conceived in collaboration with Macherey-Nagel. It is designed to meet the crucial requirement of high quality Nucleic acid, a paramount constituent in downstream processes such as genotyping, real-time PCR study, gene-sequencing, etc. The Genome STARlet can efficiently handle all kinds of specimens such as cells, blood and tissues for the extraction of nucleic acid, in a non IVD setting.

Impressive eight methods can be run in the instrument to achieve high rates of standardization and to eliminate variations. The system uses Macherey-Nagel input/output lab equipment that is pre-determined as per the extraction kit being used. When the process of nucleic acid extraction starts, the relevant equipment can be selected.

All processes are directed towards time/cost-efficiency. The instrument allows processing 96 specimens in 60-144 minutes, with the ability to conduct multiple runs every day, thus saving time and reducing tip consumption.