screw capping machine / linear / automatic / multi-container
LabElite I.D.



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    linear, screw

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Automated screw cap decapper and 2-D barcode tube reader
The all-in-one I.D. Capper enables labs to combine decapping/capping and high-speed barcode reading within one device without any additional user interaction. This device is specifically designed to eliminate sample contamination and assist with sample tracking during end-to-end automated liquid handling processing.
New Feature: AutoSwap

The patent-pending AutoSwap is an optional accessory that allows fast and easy switching of labware-specific decapper adapters on the fly without manual intervention, adding new functionality to the LabElite decappers.

Switches between any two sets of Hamilton adapters
Uses adapters compatible with tubes from all major manufacturers, in 96- or 48-well formats
Use in integrated robotic workflows for walkaway automation involving multiple tube types
Eliminates the need to stop a process to make manual adjustments for different tube types
LabElite AutoSwap adds new functionality to automated tube decappers
Flexible Automated Tube Decapping and Barcode Reading

Easily swap decapping heads to decap tubes in both 48-cryovial and 96-microtube racks on a single device (patent pending)
Process a full rack of tubes or row of tubes in portrait or landscape format within one device (patent pending)
Can be operated as an integrated and standalone device simultaneously
Optional 1-D barcode reading for racks
Multiple tube heights can be read within the same rack
Compatible with SiLA (Standard in Laboratory Automation)
Highly-configurable output options for smooth integration into LIMS or databases