laboratory liquid handling workstation
Microlab STAR



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Hamilton Robotics presents STAR line workstations. The devices use advanced air displacement pipetting technology. This ensures greater precision and repeatability. It also offers a chain of custody with monitoring and recording of pipette condition. All workstations are configurable with multiple arms. Every arm is configurable with several pipetting and labware gripping equipment. The movement of pipetting channels and labware grippers is independent of each other. As a result, they are compatible with a large variety of labware.

Samples, labware, racks and carriers can be tracked via barcode thanks to the autoload option. With the Venus software, all workstation functions and built-in third-party units can be controlled. Venus One is the latest software application for the STAR Line. It provides the most logical, adaptable and top performing programming control. Venus provides all the devices to enable all types of programming, from simple to complex. This is possible without any restrictions on creativity or any compromise on needs. The workstations allow tracking and processing of data both inside the application and interfaces to external and internal databases like LIMS.