laboratory dosing dispenser / syringe / gravimetric / liquid
Microlab 600 series



  • Domain:


  • Type:

    syringe, gravimetric

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, semi-automatic


The Microbar 600 series is a dispenser manufactured by Hamilton Company which is availble three various dispenser models. The Single Syringe Dispenser is suitable for dedicated dispensing implementation which requires a single syringe drive. It is specifically built with a better precision, throughput and consistency compare to other traditional laboratory devices such as the serological and repeating pipes. The Dual Syringe Dispenser has a dual syringe drive for implementation of the animal dosing which requires the utilization of greater than one fluid simultaneously. The Continuous Dispenser is intended to be used for time critical implementations demanding a repetitive dispensing. It is absolutely ideal for integration into semi-automated or fully automated manufacturing lines. Each dispenser is based on a positive displacement system which gives greater than 99% precision, vapor pressure and temperature.