single-channel pipette / multi-channel / for laboratories
SoftGrip series



  • Number of channels:

    single-channel, multi-channel

  • Other characteristics:

    for laboratories

  • Volume:

    Max.: 1 ml (0.0338 US fl oz)

    Min.: 0 ml (0 US fl oz)


The SoftGrip series engineered by Hamilton Bonaduz, is a manual pipette single channel variable volume that features a new dual indicator, that enhances the volume adjustment accuracy via parallax errors removal. It is equipped with slim ejection sleeve that is built with a high strength chemically resistant polymer. This device also offers its users a slim design that enables the apparatus to reach to the deep part of narrow tubes, without extending the actual length tips. Moreover, it consist of a universal calibration key that functions for the reduction high cost calibration services.

The calibration of this SoftGrip series manual pipette single channel variable volume only requires minutes to perform and eliminate the downtime and cost of substitute calibration services.