monitoring software / control / management / production management



  • Function:

    management, monitoring, control, planning, quality, production management, production planning

  • Applications:

    process, machine, for production

  • Type:



Less work for the operator and optimisation due to state-of-the-art production networking
HCU (Handtmann Communication Unit) is state-of-the-art production networking. A unique tool for controlling, monitoring and optimising production. It reduces the work of the company management team, quality assurance and the production management in the face of cost pressure, greater dynamics and complexity.

Centralised control and planning from the PC workstation
The software is the perfect control tool for production managers for documenting, analysing and organising the filling department. Production quantities are planned and transferred to the production lines using the production planning tool. Production line availability, the number of operators and the product to be filled are automatically taken into consideration. The order list is transferred to the vacuum filler control system easily and centrally with just a click of the mouse.

Management of material, employees and machines
The actual filling capacity depends on the machine, the operator and the product to be processed. With the HCU, process data is automatically recorded and can be analysed quickly. Optimisations are built in and therefore executed directly and without any losses.