dust monitor / gas / optical / laser



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  • Technology:

    optical, laser

  • Other characteristics:

    wall-mounted, for harsh environments, high-performance, process, for burners, for wet environments, waterproof, for industrial use, for filter monitoring


Product description
DMS-300 dust monitor is a self-developed high-temperature heat tracing extraction dust monitor, based on years of technology research and development for dust detection.

Adopt laser forward scattering method to detect dust concentration; low detection limit.
Full-process heat tracing
Pitot tube isokinetic sampling method meets the technical condition of dust sampling
Support automatic purging to clean gas path and avoid dust blocking
Support automatic zeroing technology under high temperature and automatic calibration technology of all optical paths
Support on-site manual span calibration
Support automatic double range switching

Technical Parameter
Measuring Principle: Laser forward scattering
Concentration Range: 0~20mg/m3, 0~50mg/m3 (customizable)
Detection Lower Limit: 0.05mg/m3
Indication Error: ±20%
Indication Error Repeatability: ±10%
Response Time: 2s (optional)
Laser Device: 650nm, 20mW
Sampling Head Diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (customize according to working condition)
Heat Tracing Temperature: 120℃~180℃
Medium Temperature: <300℃
Ambient Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Compressed Air: No water and oil, ≥0.4MPa, gas consumption 100L/min
Purging Time: Purge 3min (concentration data keeps), interval period 4h (adjust according to working condition )
Velocity Range: (2~40)m/s
Preheating Time: 15min
Analog Output: 4-20mA, maximum load 500Ω
Communication Interface: Rs485, RS232 (optional)
Weight: 103kg
Dimension: 1620mm(H)* 850mm(L)* 264mm(D)
Power: 1500W
Supply: 220VAC

Apply to dust monitoring in low temperature and high humidity conditions, the workshop dust monitoring

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