condition monitoring system / temperature / flow / pressure



  • Type:

    condition, temperature, flow, pressure, concentration

  • Applications:

    gas, for environmental analysis, dust emission, for solar power plants, for the construction industry, for medical applications, for combustion chambers, for paints and coatings, (CEMS) continuous emission

  • Other characteristics:

    RS485, RS232, real-time, online, measuring system, data acquisition, GPRS, multi-point, continuous


Product descriptions
CEMS has four basic parts: the dust monitoring subsystem, gaseous pollutants monitoring subsystem, flue gas parameter monitoring subsystem, system control and data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can monitor SO2, NOx, O2, dust, temperature, pressure, flow rate and other parameters such as HCl, HF, CO, CO2 for specific occasions. After dedusting by sampling probe, sampling by heating pipe, dehydration and cooling by two-step condensing, the measured gas is analyzed by the heated gas analysis module (TDLAS and DOAS technique).

Fast dehydration and cooling by two-step condensing, reducing contact time of air and water, lower SO2 loss
Analyzer uses micro-heating technology, reducing maintenance cycle of lens.
Fast sampling by loop sampling pumps, shorten response time
Dehydration and dedust by multi-stage filtration, high reliability

SO2 (0-20ppm)~(0-100%)
NOx (0-20ppm)~(0-100%)
Humidity 0~40%
Dust (0-50mg/m3)~(0-50g/m3)
Flow Velocity 0~40m/s(Customizable)
Temperature 0~300℃(Customizable)
Pressure -10kPa~+10kPa(Customizable)

Flue gas continuous emission monitoring ( CEMS ) for the power plants (SO2, NO, NO2 and O2 )
DeSOx process monitoring (SO2 and O2)
DeNOx process monitoring (NO, NO2, NH3 and O2)
Waste incineration flue gas continuous emission monitoring (SO2, NO, NO2 and O2)
Trace Cl2 analysis of the PVC process and titanium dioxide production process for chlor-alkali plants (Cl2)
Sulfur recovery process gas analysis (SO2 and H2S)
Natural gas purification process gas analysis (trace H2S)
Methyl iodide analysis for the coal chemical industry (CH3I)
On-line air monitoring (SO2, NO2 and O3), etc.

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