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vacuum conveyor / pneumatic / for powders / for bulk materials



  • Technology:


  • Product transported:

    for powders, for bulk materials, bag

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, vacuum, vertical, feeding, unloading, transfer, for general purpose

  • Bulk throughput:

    18,000 lb/h (8,164.663 kg/h)


Our complete line of vacuum conveyors range from small portable units for minor ingredient unload or material transfer, to large units capable of moving up to 18,000 lb/hr of material and suitable for transport in bulk bag unloading, dosing, and batch feeding of process tanks, mixers, and other process equipment.

Vacuum Conveying Principle

The basic principle of vacuum conveying is to move the suspended material in a relatively uniform stream from a feed or supply source to a delivery point. The application of air, supplied via a vacuum pump or blower, creates a high enough air velocity and low enough solids to air ratio to effectively move the materials.