hot air dryer / batch / for honeycomb panels / cleaning



  • Technology:

    hot air

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for honeycomb panels

  • Associated function:



The dehumidifying dryer with low dew-point air can offer many benefits such as remarkably improved quality of molded parts and reduced drying time for low running cost.

●The hot air circulation saves 20%-40% energy over a dryer with the same capacity.
●The simpler drying mechanism than the honeycomb type minimizes possible contamination.
●The polymer separation membrane system does not contain any moving parts so that the system can supply the stable and clean dehumidified air flow (minus 40℃ of dew point).
●A conventional honeycomb dehumidifier uses a heater in regeneration of desiccant. The polymer separation membrane system does not have regeneration process so that the system can eliminate electricity cost for the generation.
●15% smaller footprint than the conventional model.
●Availble as a series; from 15kg to 150kg
●The exposed hopper and discharge unit are ready for easy maintenance, cleaning, and servicing.
●Larger display of the set and the current temperature.
●The unified controller panel with THD-F series hopper dryers.
●Built-in mold memory The memory can hold 100 sets of temperature and timer settings.
●Start-up timer The timer is settable up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. (15 hour backup)
●Stop timer The timer is settable up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.
●Auto-Dim The display light turns off to save the power consumption while the start-up timer is running.
●Maintenance alert The maintenance message notifies when the machine reaches the set service time.
●Infrared remote control (option) The remote controller allows cable-less