infrared spectrometer / NIR / modular / digital



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    NIR, modular, digital


state of the art NIR-LED technology
continuous online- measurement of 2 components (water- and/or fat content)
no moving parts
specially designed for measuring of bulk material
the measured surface can be smooth, planar or bulk material
Color has no influence on the measured signal
no drift of the measured value due to lamp aging
no maintenance
MTBF of the NIR- LED`s is 10 years
easy to use calibration software

The HK3 is a continuous NIR reflection measurement with infrared LED's. The LED-NIR-Spectrometer HK3 is a modular unit, evaluation and sensor system are mounted in separate housings.
The distance between sensor system and evaluation can be up to 50 meters.

The measured values are available as digital RS232 (or optional RS485) output and analogue value (0-20 or 4-20 mA).

In contrast to conventional IR or NIR systems from other suppliers, the HK3 does not work with color filters or halogen lamps, and offered therefore improved stability of the measurement. The lifetime is up to 10 years. The drift of the measurement value, as is the case with other IR / NIR instruments, has been fully compensated. Color variations of the product have no influence on the measuring result. Also uneven surfaces of the product, such as coarse bulk materials, can be measured. The HK3 has a very high reliability and very low maintenance costs.
Measurement Design
The sensor is mounted over the product surface. The product (e.g. paper webs, width of material and any kind of bulk material) is moving on a conveyor belt under the sensor system.