shear beam force transducer / economical / reference



  • Type:

    shear beam

  • Other characteristics:

    economical, reference

  • Rated force:

    Min.: 2.5 kN

    Max.: 1,000 kN


The economical C15 force transducer is suitable for use as a reference transducer (transfer measurement device), as a reference sensor (master) in standard test machines, and for applications in test benches with very high accuracy requirements.

The C15 reference force transducer is a robust (EMC-tested, rustproof, impact and vibration-tested) shear-force transducer with nominal (rated) measuring ranges between 2.5 kN and 1 MN. The C15 meets the requirements of accuracy class 00 per ISO376 in an exceptionally wide measuring range from 10% to 100% of the respective capacity.

Thanks to the sensor’s very high output signal – more than 4 mV/V, with the versions featuring capacities of 25 kN and higher – the full measuring range of the amplifier can be utilized. This guarantees a high resolution and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.

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