compression force transducer / miniature / stainless steel / piezoelectric



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, stainless steel, piezoelectric

  • Rated force:

    Max.: 20 kN

    Min.: 5 kN


The CFT series piezoelectric force transducers are pre-stressed and calibrated, which makes them ready-to-use without prior calibration. Due to their wide measuring range and minimal dimensions, they are particularly suitable for measuring the force exerted by a press, for monitoring of assembly processes, or for functional testing of miniature components such as switches and keys.

The CFT piezoelectric force transducers are pre-stressed and calibrated. One special feature of the sensors is that gallium phosphate is used as the sensor material, Enabling the achievement of twice the sensitivity, compared with conventional piezoelectric force transducers that use quartz.

The extremely small sensors are completely manufactured from stainless steel materials and offer the advantages that are typical to the piezoelectric principle: They allow measuring forces of a few Newtons, also under a high initial load, as well as measuring very fast force variations. The force transducers have displacements of only a few µm.

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