DIN rail signal conditioner / amplifier / digital / modular



  • Format:

    DIN rail

  • Options:

    amplifier, digital, modular


Are you interested in modern measurement method of force, weight, torque and pressure? DigiCLIP is a modern modular amplifier system that takes your production to a digital age and proves suitable for industrial environments. The device ensures faster and more reliable measurement with easy installation. digiCLIP solves measurement task within short time. It supports TEDS, the electronic datasheet in the transducer and recognizes transducers equipped with TEDS memory chips.

The digiCLIP offers easy set up by untrained staff without the need of any complex configuration and parameter assignment. digiCLIP uses standard PROFIBUS DP-V1, CANbus or DeviceNet interfaces thus easily adapting to your automation system. Full device setting is made through PC using free digiCLIP software. "Plug and Measure" and "HotSwapping" enables exchanging or retrofitting amplifiers without turning off the system