swing handle / aluminum / stainless steel / plastic



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  • Material:

    aluminum, stainless steel, plastic

  • Shape:



The versatile palm grip is used as both a holding element and a fastening element for manual operation in many application areas. It is used in many different fields, including mechanical engineering, plant construction, toolmaking, fixture construction, sport equipment, furniture, as well as rehab and medical technology. As a standardised element, the palm grip makes manual adjustments much easier.

A palm grip can be offered with an internal or external thread, but also with a reamed hole or even as a blank. They are also available as quick-fastening grips, which can be used to clamp covers, for example, quickly and securely. A modern palm grip from KIPP is not only comfortable to handle, but also has an attractive visual design. Whether you are looking for models made from aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron or plastic, you are sure to find the right products at affordable prices with our extensive range of high-quality grips.