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CNC milling-turning center / horizontal / vertical / 5-axis
CP, CT series



  • Control type:


  • Type:

    horizontal, vertical

  • Number of axes:


  • Structure:

    rotating table

  • Other characteristics:


  • X travel:

    Min.: 800 mm

    Max.: 1,600 mm

  • Y travel:

    Min.: 800 mm

    Max.: 1,400 mm

  • Z travel:

    Min.: 1,045 mm

    Max.: 1,600 mm


5-Axis Machining Centers deliver extensive performance for milling and turning operations. Among its features is a merged processing system that integrates milling and turning in one machine. It also sports 5-axis machining, vertical, horizontal and tilted spinning operations. Extensive accuracy, substantial cutting forces, an incorporated balancing system, and a rotary table complete with a direct torque drive complete the series' components.