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LED light source / colored / UV / compact
Loctite EQ CL25 LED Spot Cure System 365/405 nm



  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:

    colored, UV

  • Other characteristics:


  • Technical applications:

    for adhesive curing

  • Wavelength:

    405 nm


Light Curing Equipment - UV Spot Cure System, LED 365nm

This LED cure system is designed for curing Loctite UV adhesives using UVA cold light at a wavelength in the range of 405 nm. The basic confi guration is equipped with one LED head and one condenser lens. As an option the unit can be extended with 3 additional LED heads. The unit is designed for manual working stations and also for integration into automatic production lines. The radiation cycle can be started with the START button on the front panel, with a footswitch or via a PLC interface.


LED life exceeds 20,000h
Programmable intensity profi le
Locking key
Connection for external emergency stop
UVA intensity up to20.9 W/cm²
Compact and space saving LED head design
No warm-up required
No thermal loading