stitched cloth / anti-static / polyester / for filtration



  • Type:

    anti-static, stitched

  • Material:


  • Field:

    for filtration, agriculture, for belt drive, business, for industrial applications


Since 2000, we have established a further field of business, the production of technical textiles in the form of unfinished stitch-bonded cloths.
Product properties

Hermes manufactures technical warp-knit cloths with a weft insertion made of polyester filament and staple fibre yarns or other yarn materials. The stitch-bonded structures are both open and closed, whilst electrically conductive yarns ensure that our products have an antistatic finish.

Technical data:
- Yarn denier: warp up to 2200 dtex
- Weight per unit surface area: up to 550 g/m2
- Raw product width: up to 4.47 m

Product benefits
- High transverse stability
- High resistance to tearing
- High resistance to further tearing
- Low stretch => optimum transfer of yarn properties