wide abrasive belt / for grinding applications / silicon carbide



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    for grinding applications, silicon carbide, wide


Heavy, tear-resistant abrasive cloth with three-dimensional MERCURIT silicon carbide (agglomerate)

Product Benefits
- Three-dimensional MERCURIT grain structure means 3-5 times longer tool life and thus greater economy and productivity compared to conventional grinding belts (shorter machine setup times, lower material and disposal costs)
- Consistent roughness values and stock removal rate throughout the whole of service life result in a high degree of process stability
- Especially suitable for wet-grinding applications at moderate grinding pressures
- Non-segmented wide belts up to 1.550 mm wide are available

- Flat grinding on stationary belt and wide belt machines
- Intermediate and decorative finish grinding on coil/sheet made of stainless steel
- Grinding of stone / ceramic and floortile
- Can be universally used for dry and wet-grinding (resistant to emulsion and oil)