surface treatment wheel / cylindrical / vitrified-bonded diamond / vitrified-bonded CBN



  • Function:

    surface treatment

  • Type:


  • Abrasive:

    vitrified-bonded diamond, vitrified-bonded CBN


Vitrified-bonded Hermes grinding wheels with CBN and diamond coatings

Hermes vitrified-bonded superabrasives are among the outstanding bonded abrasives solutions in our product portfolio. Their most convincing feature is their profile stability, which has a positive impact especially for the machining of critical points such as pins and journals on crankshafts.

The much longer tool lives which can be achieved using our superabrasives make these high-end abrasives an incredibly high-performance and economical component of the grinding process.
Primary applications

- Iron/carbon materials with a high proportion of alloy which are hard to machine, especially steel; hardness mainly > 55 HRC
- High-speed steel (HSS), cast steel, rolling bearing steel, grey cast iron, stainless steels, tempered cast iron, heat-resistant steels, steels produced by the powder metallurgy method


- Hard, brittle, short-chipping materials which do not contain iron
- Hardened metal, glass, ceramic, quartz, semiconductor materials, plastics, glass fibre-reinforced plastics, natural stone, concrete, composite materials and plastic in general