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Intergraph Smart® LPM

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simulation software / planning / 3D simulation software / planning / 3D - Intergraph Smart® LPM


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    simulation, planning

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Intergraph Smart® LPM leverages 3D model graphics and data to help yards and EPCs simulate and plan in advance most of the activities related to modules and blocks assembly, welding, lifting, transporting, and more.

At ship and offshore yards, assembling, lifting, and moving around big blocks and modules requires many activities that have to be planned mostly in advance to avoid costly idle time during fabrication and to ensure workers’ safety on the shop floor. There are hundreds of documents and drawings that have to be prepared in order to instruct crews on the right operating sequence to accomplish their jobs in the most safe and productive way.

Intergraph Smart® LPM provides a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to be used on top of the 3D model design to prepare all necessary deliverables to be used at the yard for assemblies and blocks painting, scaffolding installation and removal, lifting lugs positioning, cranes configuration, and much more.

Smart® LPM can import several different formats of CAD 3D models, and for this reason it’s a great tool for the production engineering office at the yard, independently by the 3D CAD systems that is used by the design office.