construction dryer / dry air / air / dehumidifying
BT 450



  • Technology:

    dry air

  • Applications:

    air, construction

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  • Other characteristics:



Construction dryer BT 450

The HEYLO BT 450 is the most operation and service friendly construction dryer with high performance.

The moisture developing in new buildings due to rain moisture, setting water or wallpaper paste frequently requires the use of technical drying as a support. On a living space of 120 sqm, there is about 1,500 litres of superfluous water or up to 200 litres per sqm of building material, depending on the type of building material, at the end of the building time. The consequence: The buildings cannot dry completely anymore. The solution: Technical drying and/or building climatisation.


The high-strength compact and light plastic housing is very robust - and protects doors and walls in the new building with its rounded corners.


Large wheels ensure easy handling; a condensate feed pump permits automatic operation, and the foldable housing allows quick cleaning after a rough use - practical in a word!


Construction dryer BT 450 convinces by its higher performance − even during toughest application!


hygrostat built in
incl. meters for operating hours and energy meters (kWh)
installed condensate feed pump
large wheels for easy transport
stowage compartment for condensate hose and power cable
housing made of robust ABS plastic
quick and easy cleaning