5-axis CNC milling machine / vertical / rotating table / for PVC
RT-F 1400



  • Number of axes:


  • Spindle orientation:


  • Structure:

    rotating table

  • Machined material:

    for PVC, for composites

  • Other characteristics:

    precision, high-speed, compact, high-performance, high-precision, for the mold industry, for aeronautics, desk, for automatic tool changers, for model making, for PVC window profiles, high-productivity, for drilling, HSC, CAD/CAM, for profiles, for large workpieces, high-power, with pneumatic clamping, high-speed, for the aeronautical industry, for the automobile industry, for small workpieces, for the plastics industry

  • X travel:

    1,000 mm

  • Y travel:

    1,400 mm

  • Z travel:

    700 mm

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 40,000 rpm (251,327 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 24,000 rpm (150,796 rad.min-1)

  • Power:

    Max.: 8 kW (10.88 hp)

    Min.: 2 kW (2.72 hp)


Efficient Production Processes based on Minimum of Movements. The HG rotary system RT-F 1400 is especially applicable for rational and economic machining of smaller parts such as decoration panels, cover plates, cycle helmets etc. It can be used successfully in the automotive sector and in the automotive supplier industry as well as for model making and is also suitable for small companies.
Cost-efficient 5-axis system in rotary technology for extremely fast production processes and high production output. Machine with roof, optimal dust and noise prevention. Space saving – compact construction and integrated swivelling control panel. Excellent contour accuracy. Standard milling spindle with two shaft ends. Very short set-up time, reduced maintenance work also in multiple shift operation. High performance CNC control NUM Flexium with PC and high-resolution graphics screen, simple menu navigation. Standard safety cabin with two manual sliding side-doors. Long-life and solid construction, extremely torsion-resistant C-frame design.
- Rotary axis C (table) ± 1,080°
- Swivelling axis A, standard 360°
- Swivelling axis A, with tool change device ± 110°
- Rapid traverse linear axes X/Y/Z 40/40/30 m/min
- Rapid traverse rotary axes A/C 14,000/18,000 °/min
- Positioning accuracy ± 0.08 mm
- Repeatability ± 0.06 mm
- High-frequency milling spindles 2.5 kW to 8 kW continuous operation (S1)
- Rotational speed 24,000 to 40,000 rev/min
- Tool holder (optional) WK 25/HSK 32 E/HSK 40 E
- CNC control NUM Flexium; 12‘‘ monitor
- Tool magazine dust protected for 12 tools
- Machine weight approx. 3,000 kg