machine monitoring vibration meter / laser Doppler
max. 10 MHz | Vector series



  • Applications:

    for machine monitoring

  • Other characteristics:

    laser Doppler


OptoMET Laser Doppler Vibrometers (LDV) are fast and easy to operate. They are used for precise, non-contact, and non-reactive measurements of mechanical and acoustic parameters such as vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration.
With the launch of the LDV Vector Series, OptoMET has taken the lead in digital broadband real-time laser doppler vibrometers. OptoMET developed the ultrafast digital signal processing technology (ultraDSP) for these vibrometers in order to achieve extermely fine resolutionss of up to 2.5 nm/s (velocity) and 2 pm (displacement), excellent bandwidth (up to 10 MHz) and a wide dynamic range up to +/- 10 m/s and +/- 32 million g.
These powerful measuring systems are suitable for challenging metrological tasks in research, development, and production. Applications include frequency/resonance analysis (e.g. machines, civil engineering structures, and automotive components), order analysis of engines, testing of materials, and quality assurance.
In addition, the instruments can be set up and made ready for operation very quickly, both in the laboratory and in the field. Vibrations can be visualised in just a few minutes.