machine monitoring vibration meter / scanning / laser Doppler
1 Hz - 20 kHz | ScanSet SLDV



  • Applications:

    for machine monitoring

  • Other characteristics:

    scanning, laser Doppler


The laser beam of the Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer is deflected by two mirrors which are controlled by a computer. A built-in video camera delivers an image of the object under test. On this picture, the measurement points can be arranged with CAD software. After the initial setup of the points, the measurement is done automatically by the computer.
Nearly all components of a conventional Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer are built into a single optical unit that is structurally complex and therefore expensive. The Vibrolaser ScanSet now oversomes these restrictions and delivers a very high level of performanc in measuring. What's more, it simply upgrades an existing single-point laser vibrometer to a fully equipped scanning laser vibrometer system. Simply fix your existing LDV (or a new one, if you have none) with the quick release clamps, adjust the mirror unit using the linear slides provided, and you are ready to start measuring. The Vibrolaser ScanSet is shipped with a data acquisition system with 4 analogue input channels to measure the laser signal and any other reference signals. The user-friendly measurement and analysis software quickly processes the vibration data, giving graphical display of the values and animation of the mode shapes.