compact echo sounder / large screen / professional



  • Specifications:

    compact, large screen, professional


Key features:
1) Optimized sounding technology
2) Industrial high speed computer platform
3) 15″ large-size screen with adjustable display angle
4) Userfriendly surveying compatible with hypack and etc.

Hi-Max Software Key Advantages:
Powerful and Robust Marine Surveying Software
1)Data compatibility and security
(1)Supports NMEA-0183 data
(2)Supports multi sensor data input such as attitude indicator, sound velocimeter and electric gyrocompass
(3)Supports transmitting water depth data to the third-party software such as HyPack
(4)Encrypts original data to prevent malicious tampering

2)Powerful edit function
(1)Supports manual operation and software calculate two ways to modify GPS delay
(2)Users can manually input,output or edit plan line and mark (point,line and surface)
(3)Supports import and export of DXF format plan line and background image

3)Friendly post-processing function
(1)Corrects false echo signal by comparing graph with data curve of water depth
(2)Manually add depth sampling point to meet the demands of special feature point extraction
(3)Supports Single tidal station, dual tidal station and triple tidal station corrections