medium excavator / crawler / Tier 3 / construction
ZX350LC-6, ZX350LCN-6



  • Size:


  • Locomotion:


  • Engine type:

    Tier 3

  • Applications:


  • Operating weight:

    Min.: 34,200 kg (75,398.1 lb)

    Max.: 36,300 kg (80,027.8 lb)

  • Engine power:

    210 kW (285.52 hp)


ZX350LC-6 / ZX350LCN-6

Designed for durability

If you’re looking for a machine for earthmoving, quarrying and general construction projects, then look no further than our ZX350LC-6. We’ve equipped it with numerous durable features and reliable components to help it withstand demanding working environments.

The ZX350LC-6 can deliver high levels of productivity with less fuel than previous Zaxis models. Our unique TRIAS II technology reduces total hydraulic loss, resulting in 7% lower fuel consumption in PWR mode.

Technological expertise

We tackle the ever-changing needs of the construction industry by focusing on one of our major strengths: advanced technology. You’ll find several examples of unique Hitachi technology on the ZX350LC-6.

Take the superior sound system in the cab, which means you can listen to your favourite music from an MP3 player or the AM/FM radio while you work. In addition to the easy-to-view LCD monitor and ergonomically designed control panel, it contributes to a comfortable working environment.

Noise levels and emissions are reduced by the after-treatment device – consisting of a diesel oxidation catalyst, urea mixing pipe, SCR system and silencer – and auto shutdown feature, which assists in the prevention of fuel wastage.

“I have long experience in operating excavators. My initial impressions of the ZX350LC-6 were that it moved quickly and was highly responsive. One of our biggest challenges is maintaining high levels of productivity. Due to the long line of trucks present on site, it is crucial that we avoid any downtime. In my opinion, the best feature is the low fuel consumption.”

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