gold analyzer / identification / portable / IP54



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    IP54, X-ray fluorescence


The X-MET8000 is the perfect jewellery and precious metals analyzer. Handheld X-ray fluorescence analysers are commonly used for jewellery and precious metal testing, as they provide non-destructive, “point and shoot” multi-element analysis of large and small precious metals items.

The X-MET8000 handheld XRF precious metals analyzers offer:

Non-destructive – no mark left on the sample, no material loss – retain the full value of the tested piece.
Fast and accurate – high analysis throughput, for maximised productivity and profitability.
Low limits of detection – analyze impurities and toxic elements (e.g. Pb and Cd) to identify potentially harmful pieces.
Fully portable – compact and light (1.5kg with battery), the X-MET8000 can be transported and used anywhere anytime. All accessories fit in the small and rugged transport case.
Rugged: IP54 compliant for superior protection against dust and water; thick Kapton window (on X-MET8000 Smart), or optional shield (on Optimum and Expert models) to prevent detector and X-ray tube damage when testing small components and sharp objects.