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high-performance liquid chromatograph / laboratory / for the food industry / chemical



  • Type:

    high-performance liquid

  • Applications:

    laboratory, for the food industry, chemical

  • Detector type:

    DAD, UV

  • Other characteristics:



Affordable and robust HPLC system engineered for seamless integration and reliable analyses

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is utilized in a wide range of fields, such as medicine, food production, chemistry, and environmental science, making the demand for HPLC systems higher among the various types of analytical equipment. The Hitachi Primaide HPLC is designed for long-term, stable operation, and features both high reliability and superior durability. It offers tremendous capability for everyday analysis.
Simple operation for any HPLC user
Even in small to mid-scale facilities, individual operators see increasing opportunities to use multiple HPLC systems. Thanks to its simple design and front-access layout, maintenance of the Primaide is easy. Even a beginner at LC analysis can confidently operate the Primaide.
Excellent basic performance
The demand for HPLC systems with higher precision, better reproducibility, and improved stability is increasing. The Primaide is built according to strict specifications to meet such stringent requirements. In addition, labs can apply the Primaide to an even wider range of applications by employing optional units, such as a sophisticated DAD (Diode Array Detector) and an autosampler cooling unit.
Reliable durability
Hitachi HPLC systems have earned a reputation as highly durable machines, and the Primaide is no exception. Our strict production quality standards ensure both high performance and endurance. These standards are applied to all equipment from systems to accessories.