laser drilling machine / CNC / high-speed / high precision
LC-2Q Series

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laser drilling machine / CNC / high-speed / high precision laser drilling machine / CNC / high-speed / high precision - LC-2Q Series


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    high-speed, high precision, laser


A high speed, high precision CO2 laser processing machine for high-end HDI and package PCBs. Precise pulse control through new galvano control technology, reduced non-operating time through a unique applications.

Improved productivity through the pursuit of better stability
and reduction of non-processing time

Solving HDI PCB small diameter and high precision
needs using package processing technologies
Equipped with a high rigidity machine structure and a variety of
correction systems to provide the strict precision required for
miniaturization and higher density. Also inco rporates a variety of
proprietary heat countermeasures to achieve more stable drilling

New technologies which contribute
to increased productivity
Introduction of a new laser pulse control method allows for a
reduction in the number of shots to achieve both increased
productivity and higher quality processing. The development of a new
type of power sensor has also made it possible to greatly reduce
measurement time(an 80% reduction compared to our previous
model), and a new application has made it possible to reduce
preparation time by 50%. These reductions in non-processing time
contribute to the improvement of total productivity.