drum separator / oil / water / emulsion



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    oil, water, emulsion

  • Width:

    352 mm


A test specimen consisting of a 40-mL sample and a 40-mL quantity of distilled water are stirred for 5 min in a graduated cylinder at 54℃ or 82℃, depending upon the viscosity of the test specimen or sample specification. The time required for the separation of the emulsion thus formed is recorded either after every 5 min. If complete separation or emulsion reduction to 3 ml emulsion less does not occur after standing for 30 min or some other specification time limit, the volumes of oil (Or fluid), water, and emulsion remaining at the time are reported.

◆ Adopts the 800*480 LED touch screen, Chinese and English are optional. Easy- operation with the prompt menu.
◆ Totally automatically, without manual work.
◆ Most can test 3 kinds of sample at the same time.
◆ Adopts the PID intelligent temperature control technology, users can pre-set temperature within the temperature control range.
◆ Easily software upgrading and maintenance through the USB connector and RJ45
◆ Intelligent measure the water level, in avoid to dry heating.
◆ With the precise timing function, easy for operation.