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HFM15A Plate heat Exchanger



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Recommended Applications: The HFM15A plate heat exchanger is designed for high pressure. It can be used for heating and cooling operations in multiple areas, steam condensation, industrial circulating water cooling and other clear media’s heating and cooling.

Design Priciple:
HFM15A plate range with length 0.8m, will reach up to Max. 40m3/h in a single pass solution, satisfying many applications requirement.
By means of countercurrent flow, the hot side medium transfers thermal to the cold side medium through plates between channels. And the media do not mix with each other to achieve optimal heat exchange efficiency.
For the one pass solution design, all connections are on the fixed frame side which will easier the plate heat exchanger installation and disassembling. When do cleaning and maintenance jobs, no need to remove the pipes.

Flow plates:
The plate design has two corrugated forms: horizontal corrugated and vertical corrugated. The plates can meet different pressure drop requirements and suit for different working conditions media.
The corrugated “herringbone” pattern makes more contact points between plates bearing more uniform pressure and ensures turbulent flow in the whole effective area.

Data Required for Correct Quotation
Types of Media
Working Pressure
Pressure Loss
Thermodynamic properties
Flow rates
Above data determines the choice of heat exchanger.

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