balancing vibration meter
60 - 300 000 rpm | VL 8000

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balancing vibration meter balancing vibration meter - 60 - 300 000 rpm | VL 8000


  • Applications:

    for balancing


VL 8000 is a high-end field balancing instrument with advanced vibration measurement, vibration analysis and machine diagnosis features.

* Features
o Intuitive operation with Windows interface
o Clear presentation of results on very large colour LCDo Very wide speed range up to 300,000 RPM
o Systematic detection of damage through envelope analysis

* Functions
o Unbalance measurement in one or two planes
o Conversion of unbalance correction into practical balancing methods (e.g. drilling)
o Frequency analysis to determine the spectral components of a vibration
o Tracking analysis to capture the run-up or coast-down of a machine and to determine the resonances
o Envelope analysis to detect damage of rolling bearings or gears
o USB port to transmit the measurement values to a PC
o Offline PC software

* Applications
o Measuring vibrations on bearings and machine housings
o Field balancing on site
o Recording the condition of rolling bearings
o Observing and recording vibration levels
o Identifying frequencies in a vibration
o Detecting resonance points and identifying transfer functions
o Detecting machine damage

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