horizontal balancing machine / dynamic / for crankshafts / automatic
300 - 1 250 mm | KHK21-B1, KHK12-B



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    for crankshafts

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Type KHK balancing machines are designed for the balancing of in-line and V-crankshafts in several correction planes in one or more processing steps.

* Features
o Automatic balancing of 3 cylinder in-line to 12 cylinder V-crankshafts
o Drill spindle prepared for coolant and Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)
o Optional automatic drill changer
o Machine design with integrated switch cabinet
o Standard model completely enclosed with front loading door and loading hatch

* Applications
o Balancing of car and truck crankshafts for in-line 3 cylinder to V12 cylinder engines
o Can be used as a single machine with manual loading as well as with automatic loading by loading gantry
o Unbalance compensation by drilling with one and two spindle drilling unit.