heating mat / silicone / for IBC containers

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heating mat / silicone / for IBC containers heating mat / silicone / for IBC containers - HIBC/A


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    for IBC containers


There are several advantages of using the HIBC/A. First of all, the HIBC container heaters are created especially for heating products stored in 1,000 liters bulk containers. In addition to this, there are two types of heaters available, with the HIBC/A silicone mat heater being suitable for placement below the container liner, even before filing. In addition to this, an insulation jacket has been provided, covering all four sides. The lid is also available to aid the warm up time.

As for the construction, the silicone heater mat is made of a high temperature resistance wire element, which is laminated between the silicone and glass sheets. Next, the manufacturer has also added a PTC temperature sensor, which is embedded between the sheets and serve as a connection to an electric temperature controller, with the use of the power cable, providing accurate measurement and a super fast response to temperature changes at the bottom of the IBC liner. This item makes the heater suitable for both high energy absorbing products, along with temperature sensitive materials.